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This materials may be used only for educational purposes. For any other use is required the explicit authorisation of the author who holds the rights.

ALBERTO, Gabriel Gagliano Pinto - Clarinetas em SI bemol e em LA: Diferencas acusticas e interpretativas.

ALDER, Jason - Clarinet Quarter-Tone Fingering Chart.

ALLGEIER, Anthony Joseph - The works for Clarinet commissioned by thr Concours International d'Exécution Musicale de Genève: A critical survey and performance guide.

ALVARADO, Daniel Martìn - Qué informacion te da tu cuerpo sobre tu postura en el Clarinete?

ANTOLINI, Francesco - La Retta Maniera di scrivere per il Clarinetto ed altri istromenti da fiato.

AUSTERMANN, Kelly - A Supplemental Repertoire List for the Development of Fundamental Skills in Pre-Collegiate Clarinetists.

BACKOFEN, Johann Georg Heinrich - Instructions for the Clarinet ...with a short Treatise on the Basset Horn.

BAINES, Anthony - The Clarinet.

BANCIU, Ecaterina - The Clarinet in Mozart's Operas.

BASSI, Luigi - Tavola in cui sono dimostrate le innovazioni e principali vantaggi che si ottengono col nuovo Clarinetto sistema Forni.

BENADE, Arthur H. - On The Tuning of Clarinets.

BENNETT, R. Wayne - An acoustical comparison of the tones produced by clarinets constructed of different materials.

BONADE, Daniel - Clarinetist's Compendium.

BONET, Alberto Veintimilla - El Clarinetista Antonio Romero y Andia (1815-1886).

BRANDT, Andrew - Woodwind Quintet List.

BRAUN, Lindsay Taylor - The Mystery of Chalumeau and its historical significance as revealed through selected works for Chalumeau or early Clarinet by Antonio Vivaldi.

CAMPIONE, Carmine - The Clarinet Embouchure.

CAPPETTI, Guglielmo - Piccolo Metodo per imparare a trasportare col Clarinetto Sib.

CARRILLO, Francisco José Cantò - Los Brazos del Clarinetista.

CASADONTE, Donall Jay - The Clarinet Reed: an introduction to its biology, chemistry, and physics.

CAUSO, Rocco - Giacomo Miluccio: Virtuoso, Didatta e Compositore.

CAVALLINI, Manfredo - Anomalia del Clarinetto: Suonando piano cresce, gli altri fiati calano.

CHARLTON, David - Classical Clarinet Technique: Documentary approaches.

CHEN, Yu-Chien - An analytic interpretation of the Clarinet Concerto by Jean Francaix.

CLARK, Stephen Lee - Leon Russianoff: Clarinet Pedagogue.

COLTMAN, Charles Arthur - Carl Gottlier Reissiger (1798-1859): Forgotten composer for the Clarinet.

COSTA, Anthony J. - A bibliography of Chamber Music and Double Concerti Literature for Oboe and Clarinet.

CRAMER, Mark James - Effects of Materials on the Acoustic Properties of Clarinet Barrels.

DALEY, Samuel J. - Sure System of Improvising for Saxophone and Clarinet.

DALL'ARGINE, Priamo - Nuovo Clarinetto a tasto diatonico.

DANGAIN, Guy - Debussy et la Rhapsodie pour Clarinette.

DAVIES, William - The Clarinet: Its History and Development.

DELLA SETA, Fabrizio - Dal Glicibarifono al Clarinetto basso.

DI LORENZO, Franco - Il Clarinetto.

DOLAK, Frank J. - Contemporary Techniques for the Clarinet.

ELLER, Joseph - Clarinet Sound, Articulation and Staccato.

ELLSWORTH, Jane Elizabeth - The Clarinet in early America.

FABBRI, Mario - Ignoti momenti Rossiniani: Le segrete confessioni a Ferdinando Giorgetti e le sconosciute "Variazioni" per Alessandro Abate (1817).

FERREIRA, Carlos Jorge Alves - Exercicios de Respiracao para uma boa aprendizagem do Clarinete.

FORVILLY, Jane Valentine - A Manual of Clarinet Techniques Supplementary to the basic necessary skills.

FREIRE, Ricardo José Dourando - The History and Development of the Clarinet in Brazil.

GANDOLFI, Riccardo - Appunti intorno al Clarinetto.

GANGL, Manuel - The intonation in the altissimo register on the E-flat clarinet.

GARTRELL YEO, Lisa Lorraine - Copland's Clarinet Concerto: A performance perspective.

GINGRAS, Michèle - Klezmer for Klarinettists: a Beginner's Guide.

GLICK, David A. - The Five-Keyed Clarinet.

GOODMAN, Jonathan M. - The Clarinetists that inspired the composition of the Six Clarinet Concerti of Johann MelchiorMolter.

GRAY, Jon Justin - A Survey and Selective Analysis of the Clarinet Solo Repertoire.

HEIDLBERGER, Frank - Carl Maria von Weber's Concerto for Clarinet and Orchestra: Sources, Edition, and Performance.

HOEPRICH, T. Eric - Clarinet reed position in the 18th century.

HOVEY, Nilo - Clarinet Teacher's Guide.

INTRAVAIA, Laurence J. / RESNICK, Robert S. - A Research Study of a Technique for Adjusting Clarinet Reeds.

JACOBS, Claude Verne - A Comparative Book of Clarinet Intonation.

JOHNSON, Rebecca S. - Interpreting Lovreglio's Fantasia on La Traviata: Performance and score analysis.

KENNEDY, Dale Edwin - The Clarinet Sonata in France before 1800 with a modern performance edition of two works.

KRATOCHVIL, Jiri - Koncertantni klarinet v ceskem klasicismu.

LANGENUS, Gustave - Pratical Transposition for Clarinet.

LAWSON, Colin - The basset clarinet revived.

LAWTON, David - Verdi, Cavallini e l'assolo di Clarinetto nella Forza del Destino.

LeBARON JOHNSON, Madeline - An examination of the Clarinet works of Luigi Bassi.

LEGAULT, Maryse - Josef Beer: The perfect clarinetist.

LEHTO, Gail S. - A selected study of Symphonies Concertantes for multiple Clarinet soloists, 1770-1850, including works by Stamitz, Devienne, Krommer, Tausch, Muller, Schindelmeisser and Baermann.

LIANG, Jack Yi Jing - Clarinet Multiphonics: A Catalog and Analysis of Their Production Strategies.

LLOYD, Dylan Mikhail - A Classical Clarinetists Guide to Klezmer Music.

MARAMOTTI, Raimondo - Il Clarinetto.

MARANI, Emo - Clarinetto e congeneri.

MacLENNAN, Scott - Clarinet: A Pratical Resource Guide for Clarinet Players and Teachers.

MARLAUD, Diane - La Respiration à la clarinette: Innee ou Acquis?

MARTIN, Héctor Abella - Multifonicos en el Clarinete Boehm: Analisis, Intervalico-Performativo, Classificacion y Secuenciacion Didactica.

McCATHREN, Donald E. - The "Art" of Clarinet Tonguing.

MILLER, Kimberly - Carl Baermann: His Influence on the Clarinet in the Nineteenth Century as Pedagogue, Composer and Instrument Technician.

MILUCCIO, Giacomo - Il Clarinetto: Cenni storici, funzionamento tecnico, letteratura e principali opere didattiche.

MITCHUM, Dan A. - A pedagogical approach to Stravinsky's "Three Pieces for Clarinet solo".

MITIC, Nenad - Die Klarinette in der Oper.

MONROE, Douglas - Conflict and Meaning in Carl Nielsen's Concerto for Clarinet and Orchestra op. 57 (1928).

MONTOYA, Patrick A. - J. S. Hermstedt and the four Clarinet Concertos of Louis Spohr.

MOORE, E. C. - The Clarinet and its Daily Routine.

NORTHOVER, Keith - The works of W. A. Mozart for the Basset Horn: An annotated bibliography including a catalogue discussion and review of Mozart's works utilizing Basset Horn and Basset Clarinet.

OSSECK, William F. - Brahms Clarinet Quintet.

PACE, Temistocle - Ance battenti: Storia, Fisica, Letteratura.

PADDOCK, Tracey Lynn - A Biographical Dictionary of Twentieth-Century American Clarinetists.

PAMIES-VILA, Montserrat - Analysis of Tonguing and Blowing action during Clarinet performance.

PEARSON, Ingrid Elizabeth - Lefevre's Sonatas for Clarinet: Historical Perspective.

PEARSON, Ingrid Elizabeth - 18th and 19th Century Iconographical Representations of Clarinet Reed Position.

PEREZ ROMERO, Sandra Patricia - The Voice of the Chalumeau: A historical study of music for various sizes of chalumeaux and voice in the Holy Roman Empire and the Republic of Venice 1703-1767.

PICKE, Donna June - The Clarinet Choir.

PITFIELD, Spencer Simpson - British Music for Clarinet and Piano 1880 to 1945: Repertory and Performance Practice.

POULIN, Pamela L. - The Basset Clarinet of Anton Stadler and its music.

PRESTINI, Giuseppe - Il Clarinetto.

PROFETA, Rosario - Il Clarinetto.

PROUT, Ebenezer - The Clarinet.

RANDALL, Paul - A Study and Comparison of four prominent Clarinet reed making Methods.

RASMUSSEN, Audrey - The Evolution of the Modern Clarinet: 1800-1850.

RAVET, Hyacinthe - Devenir Clarinettiste: Carrières féminines en Milieu masculin.

REDSHAW, Jaqueline - Chamber Music for E-flat Clarinet.

REED, Alfred - The Balanced Clarinet Choir.

REINO, Nicola Domenico - Il Clarinetto: Storia e Acustica.

RICE, Albert Richard - The early history of the nineteenth century Boehm-system clarinet.

RICE, Albert Richard - Valentin Roeser's Essay on the Clarinet (1764), Background and Commentary.

RICHARDS, Michael - The Clarinet of the XXI Century.

RIBES, Eduardo Betes - Mozart Konzert fur Klarinette: Historische analyse, harmonisch und interpretative.

ROECKLE, Charles Albert - The Bass Clarinet: An Historical Survey.

RUGGIERO, Giuseppe - Storia sull'origine del Clarinetto.

SANDERS, Raphal P. - Louis Cahuzac's Clarinet Music: An examination of selected works.

SAVO, Gaetano - Cenni Storici sull'origine del Clarinetto.

SCARPONI, Ciro - El caso del Clarinete.

SCHOEN, Theodore A. - A comparison of performance practice of selected Clarinet passages in orchestral auditions and orchestral performances.

SHANLEY, Helen Ann - The Woodwind Quintet: Its Origin and Early Development.

SHANLEY, Richard A. - The Basset Horn: Its Development and Literature.

SHANLEY, Richard A. - The Fifth and Sixth Clarinet Concertos by Johann Melchior Molter.

SMITH, Corinne Alyssa - The Clarinet in D: History, Literature, and Disappearance from Current Repertoire.

SNAVELY, John Albert - Benny Goodman's commissioning of new works and their significance for twentieth-century clarinetists.

SPINELLI, Eduardo - Multifonicos en el clarinete: un estudio comparativo.

STEIN, Keith - The Art of Clarinet Playing.

STIRZAKER, Thomas D. - A Comparative Study of Selected Clarinet Works by Arthur Honegger, Darius Milhaud and Francis Poulenc.

STRIKE CAMPUZANO, Cristina Maria - El Clarinete en Inglaterra: Frederick Thurston (1901-1953).

SULMEYER, Neal - Care and Maintenance of Clarinet and Saxophone Reeds.

SU YI, Chang - Paul Hindemith's Sonata for Clarinet and Piano: A Lecture Recital.

SYMES, Matthew - A Clarinet Players Companion.

TITUS, Robert A. - The Early Clarinet Concerto.

TOSE', Gabriel - Artistic Clarinet: Technique and Study.

TOSORONI, Antonio - Il Clarinetto.

TUTHILL, Burnet C. - Sonata for Clarinet: Annotated Listings.

TUTHILL, Burnet C. - The Concertos for Clarinet.

VEIT, Joachim - Carl Maria von Weber's Concerto for Clarinet and Orchestra: Sources, Edition, and Performance.

VESSELLA, Alessandro - Il Clarinetto.

VIANA, José Eduardo Guerra - Escola Francesa de Clarinete.

VOS-ROCHEFORT, Andrea - The Bass Clarinet: A Collection of Pedagogical Materials and Approaches.

WARSOP, Keith - The publication history of Spohr's Clarinet Concerto.

WATTS, Sarah - Music for Contrabass Clarinet.

WEERTS, Richard K. - The Clarinet Choir.

WILLAMAN, Robert - The Clarinet and Clarinet Playing.

WILSON, Kenneth A. - Special problems in Clarinet Technique: A Guide for Teachers and Students.

YIN, Jei - The Evolution of the Clarinet Through the Works of Mozart.

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